Once that you received Liquidity Pool tokens from providing liquidity to the Tenderize protocol, your opportunities can expand further with yield farming.

What is yield farming?

Yield farming is another opportunity in the DeFi ecosystem to earn additional rewards on top of your staking rewards from the TenderTokens.
Farming consists of earning a portion of the revenue made from trading fees for providing liquidity by farming SWAP tokens in the TenderFarm.

How to Farm on Tenderize

On the Farm tab of the Tenderize app, you can farm your SWAP tokens for extra TenderToken rewards by going to the "Farm" tab.
farm tab
To begin your farming experience on Tenderize, click on the “Farm” button and select the amount of SWAP tokens you wish to farm.
Once you start to receive rewards, you can farm them and earn automatically compounding TenderToken rewards, which you can withdraw by clicking the “Harvest” button.
When you decide to stop farming, you can collect all (or a portion) of your original staked tokens and rewards by clicking on the “Unfarm” button.